Cirkus Cirkör - Identity design

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Cirkus Cirkör is the first and largest contemporary circus company in Sweden. It was founded in 1995 as an association and they have steadily grown into a business with two main focuses: An artistic activity, that produces well attended performances on an international level and the
second is a more pedagogically activity that offers courses and workshops for primarily kids and youth.

With key words such as ‘solidarity through individualism’, ‘qualitative madness’ and ‘cheeky engagement’ we wanted our redesign to express the strength and joy of Cirkus Cirkör’s brand. We wanted to adress a broader group of people and create a clear identity that would cover all Cirkus Cirkör’s different platforms. This was a group project during studies at Brobygrafiska with Linn Kårelind, Per Ekengren and Charlotta Weinar.